Big News! Big News!

30 Mar

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, do I have some news for you!  


Ok, ok, so probably most of you know this (because my mom told you?  Or is that just the major metropolitan area of Houston?), but for those of you who don’t, it’s true, I have new, fancy, lucrative employment!  I am going to become a temporary assistant production editor over at Sage Publications in Thousand Oaks, CA (a city about 45 miles NW of downtown LA).  This means I’ll be working to make sure their journal articles are error free, cited correctly, and looking good throughout the proofing/editing/re-editing process.  Basically it’s the perfect job for someone who is still getting pretty regular emails from friends and loved ones asking for editing help, and, more importantly, for someone who is answering those emails with LONG comments.  The temporary part is because I’ll just be doing this for a little under six months, but I’m getting my foot in one door and out another.

So, all this news comes with something of an explanation that I haven’t really felt comfortable putting on here until now.  The reason I have not posted much in this blog is only partially because I am a fool who can’t seem to keep a blog alive.  The main reason is because every time I sat down to write the only things I could think to say that would be interesting at all were less than positive.  Perhaps due to disposition or a variety of other reasons I have not enjoyed my time as a nanny as much as I expected to.  And I didn’t feel it would be wise or helpful to vent my frustrations on a long-form, public platform.  That sounds like a good way to get fired, right?  Right.  So instead I have spent a lot of time this past year walking around Target venting to my mom and buying nail polish and chocolate I don’t need to make myself feel better.  And sometimes crying in the parking lot.  And sometimes swearing a lot under my breath.  There have been many good days, of course, but those mostly consist of stories like “today I asked some one to turn down the TV and they did” or “today everyone was on time to their activities and we got the homework done.”  Gripping.  Sorry for sparing you that?

But, now I have two weeks left here, tomorrow I’m going apartment hunting with my friend Kim, and a bright new world is on the horizon.  One where I spend time with adults, have a kitchen where I can make my own food whenever I want, and get to wear skirts without feeling a little silly.  

Hopefully this will be a lot more blog worthy than the past ten months have been.



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