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Sometimes I Like Things

3 Nov

Hey dudes!  I was really on a roll there for awhile, wasn’t I?  For like…  Two weeks?  I came up with a new blog post regularly.  And then I returned to my normal shlumpy ways.  Sorrrrrrrry…  Back to your regularly scheduled Kate-Blurt!

I have been doing a lot of whining lately.  Basically, since forever, but there has been a definite increase since I moved to California.  I believe this is primarily because, when left to my own devices, I am a sack of shit, or, if you are a member of my family who is now deeply offended, a no-good-nik, layabout, lazybones, hot mess.  I wake up at 10am, I go on “runs” once a week where I run for one minute and then get myself lost for thirty, I eat spoonfuls of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter, I watch all of the Law and Order: SVU, and I complain constantly.  So, on a path to a better tomorrow, or at least to prove to those who are forced to listen to this bile that I am not a lost cause, here is a list of things I like.

1. Cooking

Originally this post was going to be about the various goods I made while my au pair family went on vacation, since that and watching L&O:SVU was literally all I did, but then I remember that I cannot take a pretty picture of food to save my life, besides the fact that I seem to only make things that look terrible on a plate.  Despite the lack of photographic evidence, know that while they were gone Smitten Kitchen fed me, and I made cheese for Saag Paneer, and the house always smelled like garlic.  The excess of garlic plus watching several seasons of SVU very quickly did lead to some disturbing dreams, though.  I recommend switching to Parks and Rec or 30 Rock before going to bed in an empty house, people of the world.

2. Baking

Oh, also, I made myself a birthday cake.  It was delicious and had raspberry in it, so even when my family came home no one would eat it except me.  This was not my initial plan, but it worked out well.

3. Eating

3.1 Jack (the man friend for anyone who is not up on their facebook creepery) lives less than a mile away from literally the most amazing Indian food I have ever had in my life.

3.2 Do you guys know what chilaquiles are?  They’re amazing, is what’s real.  Look them up, then come visit me and we shall feast on the best of the best.

3.3 I have found a pie place that has bourbon pecan pie.  I have not eaten it yet, but I believe it will be amazing.  They also sell popsicles that have really turned me around on the genre.

4. Nordstrom sales

Self explanatory.

5. How foggy it is outside at this time of year.

It’s also just now becoming cool again after a 90 degree October, which was annoying when it was 90 degrees while I was drinking pumpkin beer, but now I’m really excited about.

6. Petting zoos

Katrina, Verena, John, and I went to a church carnival for Halloween instead of trick or treating.  At first I was skeptical, but then I saw this carnival.  I kid you not, it looked like the Benton County Fair, but classier (which means there were rides, and ponies, and games, for those of you without fair experience).  And there were like eight food trucks, you guys!  EIGHT.  And a petting zoo with several  baby goats, one of which sneezed on me which was cute/gross (a word I wish combined more easily into a megaword:  cross?  grote?  grute?  coss?), a sleeping calf which was super soft, and some sheep, which did not have at all the evil eyes I remember them having (perhaps that is unique to Irish sheep being stalked by jet lagged students singing songs from Dr. Horrible?).  Katrina and I are now considering adopting a cow so we can pet it and be its friend.

7. Butter London nail polish

How is this stuff still on my nails a week later?  Is it magic?  Do you think they performed a secret rite over the bottle?  How?

8. “7 Psychopaths”

McDonagh does it again, you guys.  Also, I think Collin Farrell actually may be able to act.  It is unclear to me at the current interval, but I am starting to believe it might be possible.  Either way, what an amazing movie with a fantastic cast full of people I love.

9. “Pitch Perfect”

Sorry, I have apparently been seeing way more movies lately than is typical for me.  But this movie was excellent.  I love Rebel Wilson, I love Anna Kendrick (even though she’s a jerk during the whole first half), I love punnily named groups of any sort, I love performance movies (Bring it On, Fired Up!, Center Stage, The Sound of Music, all amazing examples), and the parts where she was in a radio station made me miss KWUR so bad I may or may not have actually started crying in the movie theater (even though I cannot stand mash ups or actually most of the music Anna Kendrick’s character claims is so alternative and cool and blah blah blah).  Despite any flaws, I say 10 out of 10.

10.  In the Woods by Tana French

I think in all of the letters I have written in the past two weeks I have mentioned that I was listening to this book with Audible (another thing I love), and that it was crazy and everyone should read it.  I stand by that.  It’s from the perspective of an Irish murder detective as he and his partner try to solve a child murder in the town he grew up in.  The town also, obviously, has an important connection to his past that he has to deal with, characters grow, etc.  Whatever, it’s amazing.  Also, no one else I know has read it and I have OPINIONS and THOUGHTS and THINGS TO DISCUSS, so if someone could just read it or whatever and be in a book club with me for like a twenty minute skype call, that would just really be great.  Poor Jack had to listen to me wandering through his house gasping and yelling at my phone or yammering at him in the car about who I thought did it.  I was totally wrong, by the way.  And it’s not even one of those nonsense books where the detective at the end is like “Ah ha!  I have figured it out, using many clues that I did not tell you and stuff that you could not possibly have known!  Sucks to suck, reader of the book, don’t you wish you were me, Miss Marple, old lady detective extraordinaire!”  Seriously, it’s not even like that.  Someone help a girl out, and read it already!

So, there is a list of stuff I like/love.  This also helps explain a lot of how I have been spending my free time now that the girls are back in school and my mornings are my own again.  Now back to SVU on Netflix.